Your Best Guide to Buy a Preloved Bicycle

Your Best Guide to Buy a Preloved Bicycle

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On 13-03-2017

Your Best Guide to Buy a Preloved Bicycle

It’s fun to be out in weather changing to spring, as we already see lot of people spending time outdoors. So here I got an Idea to share some fantastic idea for bicycles on Storat with different idea and requirement.

So, we thought we’d share these amazing tips on what you essential to check when ordering a preloved bicycle and where can you cycle in Dubai.

First things first

Let’s start with basic & Safety measures, look for a bicycle that match your based on your leg inseam, you can find many bicycles on Storat.

As now we are on the way to buying bicycle that you are attentive in, you need to check the following:

  • Tires: Look for an external problem. Look for anything that could have gotten through the tire and pierced the tube. Inspect the external of the tire to see if one of the glitches can be seen before the tire is removed from the rim.
  • Wheels: The Wheels should be rust-free, and does not wobble.
  • Brakes: It’s important part in all the vehicles & bicycle as well. If the wads are worn and rub the rim, you need to check it twice and look for another option.
  • Chain: A chain should be rust free & Clean shinning.
  • Pedals: When you examine pedals, and hop on it, just ask yourself “Do they spin smoothly?” if yes, yay you go!
  • Frame: Too many Dents and bends on the bicycle frame simply indicate the bicycle has a crash damage or handle roughly. You should also keep an eye on any rust area.
  • Handlebars: A handlebars with loads of resistance & back in a comfortable riding position when you turning are a good handlebar.

Now very important part safety gear is a essential! You’ll need a cycling helmet, make sure that fits comfortably and of the right size. Then you’ll need a reflective vest, gloves, and arms, elbows, and knees pads. These safety measures are important for all.

Let’s us find you a good cycling track

Wahoo! Ready to cycle on track! Its easy to find tracks in Dubai, whether in parks or stand-alone ones. Below are most recommend tracks:

Nad Al Sheba Cycle Path (Maydan Cycle Path)

A new cycle track near Meydan has just opened up to the public.Also, known as the Maydan Cycle Path, Good as long as 8.4 KMS path used for cycling and as a running track in District one area. The track has sufficient lights at night.

Nad Al Sheba Cycle Path

Dubai Autodrome:

The Dubai Autodrome is an FIA sanctioned 5.39 km motorsports circuit located in Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There is relay on Wednesday from 6-9pm on the 2.46km circuit which is free for everyone. All you need is your bike and helmet!

Al Qudra Cycle Track - Meeting Point:

Most highest rated track for cycling club, cycling paths are perfect for middle- to long-distance riders. If you want something short, try the 18km pathlocated on the outskirts of the city, Al Qudra track is a popular spot for advanced cyclists with its 2 tracks; 18KMS, 50KMS, and the newly 21KMS track that passes by Global Village and the Hamdan Sports Complex.

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