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You Asked and We Listened: Storat New Subscription Program Launching in October 2018

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 26-09-2018
You Asked and We Listened: Storat New Subscription Program Launching in October 2018

In late 2016, launched as a classified marketplace. I had the pleasure to meet with thousands of small and medium business owners, marketing and sales executives in UAE. We received amazing feedback and insight about what YOU want from online presence and what is your major pains. The feedback was summarised in four main points:

  • We are tired of paying for clicks or impressions and converting little to business.
  • Digital marketing is complex and expensive. We are stuck in long-term contracts with no guaranteed results.
  • What we value the most is genuine leads and inquiries about our services or products that we can convert to real business.
  • We prefer a 0% commission model.

In January 2018, and based on that feedback, Storat evolved to become a lead generation platform for small and medium businesses. We are proud that the platform is being used by reputable service providers like lasik in Dubai. We have successfully connected more than half a million new buyers to 17,000 service providers in UAE alone.

In October 2018, we are announcing a major change to the way you can use Storat to get new customers to your business. The new agreement has:

  • No upfront payment.
  • No long-term commitment (Stop and start the service at any time or cancel at any time).
  • Pay only for genuine leads. A lead is an actual customer looking for your services or products. That is 1000% better than paying for clicks or impressions.
  • Control your monthly and daily spend.
  • Digital Marketing team will still do all the graphics, artwork, creative content and publishing on your behalf. You will just need to share with us the products or service list and prices.

The new subscription system is under final testing now and will be released in mid-October 2018. But meanwhile, the solution is available for offline contracts. Please feel free to reach to one of sales executives on +97122356222 or email us at

Foremost, I would like to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the opportunity to serve you. What we are passionate about the most is technology and how it can help transform the Middle East businesses.

We are on a mission to web-enable the Middle East


Mustapha Ramadan

CEO & Founder

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