World’s Most Expensive Car Wax

World’s Most Expensive Car Wax

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On 07-03-2017

World’s Most Expensive Car Wax

An entrepreneur has launched the world’s most expensive car wax – at a whopping £65,000.

John Johnstone, 28, is making the news head lines with his new product, a car wax, for the mega rich. He combined his love and passion for automobile and cleanliness to launch the new car wax products to the luxury market.

The product cost ranges from anywhere between £178 wax tub to a fragranced polish of 250ml gold in a diamond-encrusted bottle at £65,000.

Thie business started about 8 months ago, and he is now the favourite of many rich car owner across Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

He is expecting the turnover to double each month.

John said he does not meet his clients directly as he deals with their representative. He is planning to expand his reach in the coming years.