Why Qabal & Ba'ad Technical Services LLC.

Why Qabal & Ba'ad Technical Services LLC.

Why Qabal & Ba'ad Technical Services LLC.

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On 21-Dec-2016

Chemicals are always dangerous”, always must be kept safely and used very carefully always use gloves, safety glass if got direct contact with skin or feel irritation, contact doctor without delay wash body with plenty of water and drink several glass of water. These are some of the comments given by professional chemists and senior doctors.

As a matter of fact, in present times we humans are spending 90% of our time indoors be it home, office, car or malls even working out at gyms, we are mostly indoors very less chance for outdoors for fresh air and unfortunately because of industrial advancements its also mostly polluted. We are spending a very mechanical and chemical life and unseeingly facing polluted environment altogether causing serious health hazards.

As, for instance a perfume spray in 8 seconds its contaminants reaches of the blood stream and in 28 seconds in every organ of the body, Cancer had been a rarely heard illness few decades ago, but now its getting rapidly common as more and more we are interacting with non healthy and chemical environment just imagine a woman who is mostly covered with lots of lipstick and heavily coated chemical makeup how much chemical contaminants, she is inhaling and eating every day in return breast cancer is on the rise on top of that we are spending 90% of our time in a badly cleaned environment or if cleaned, then again with the help of heavy chemicals be it floors or utensils or bedrooms or washrooms it's all chemicals

In such situation Qabal & Baad Technical Services LLC is Introducing Non Chemical Cleaning for every walk of Life.

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