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Why Japanese cars like Toyota has the highest market share in UAE

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 16-08-2017
Why Japanese cars like Toyota has the highest market share in UAE

Used cars in UAE market is a competitive market where almost all major car dealers established a presence in UAE with a market share. However, Japanese car makers like Toyota and Nissan still commands the highest market share in terms of number of cars sold in uae new and used. Second in market share are German car makers like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Japanese cars climbed in prices over the last few years in UAE car market. Sometimes, with offers, it is cheaper to buy a new BMW in Dubai than buying a luxury brand Lexus or even a Toyota.

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Toyota and Nissan have established such a large marketshare in uae car market for many factors, but the most of them are:

  • Durability: Japanese cars in dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE proved a high level of reliability and durability for more than 10 years ownership. While German cars like BMW and Mercedes are still demanded for luxury and status. Majority of car buyers in UAE are looking for durability and low maintenance cost, hence the simple design and low complexity of Japanese cars that leads to high durability over an extended ownership periods.
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  • Low Maintenance cost. Maintaining a toyota or Nissan can be still done in the dealership or outside with third-party car repair shop. If you own a German car like BMW and Mercedes, the complexity and sophistication of the engine requires involving the dealership, which would increase the maintenance cost after the warranty period by more than 6-10 times of a Japanese made car. Buying car spare parts and accessories in UAE for German made cars can cost as much as 4 times for Japanese cars.
  • High Resale Value: well part of that is perception and the other is reality. Indeed used cars in dubai from Japanese car makers maintain a high resale value, simply because most of Toyota or Nissan car owners prefer to keep their car than sell it. Even after 10 years of buying toyota cars in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you are better off keeping a good operating car with low maintenance cost than selling it used in UAE. The same can't be said about German cars. Because of complex engineering, repair and maintenance will keep increasing from year 5 and keep climbing up with time. The say is, "Luxury is not cheap, specially when it come to maintaining a used luxury car".

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