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Why Abu Dhabi is a better place to start business?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 22-05-2017
Why Abu Dhabi is a better place to start business?

Abu Dhabi is one of the most well developed and picturesque metropolises in UAE that has been serving as an important business center for quite some time. It is a city of the grandest visions, driven by a zeal to excel and a determination to improve the quality of life for the people living here. Over the years, Abu Dhabi has evolved into a major global economy through the process of diversification, integration with global economy as well as through optimizing and selectively investing in the most appropriate resources. It is therefore no surprise that companies from all over the world choose to come here and set up their centers.

starting a business in abu dhabi

The global and regional markets of Abu Dhabi make it the best location of business in this part of the world. The strategic location of Abu Dhabi makes it possible for businesses located or based here to tap into an extensive market that consists of 4.5 billion consumers. For the last four decades, UAE has been functioning as an open economy that enjoys a sizeable trade surplus on an annual basis. It also has a very high per capita rate of income. Another factor that has led to the success of Abu Dhabi as a business center is that UAE has got the most extensively liberal trade regime within the Gulf region which in turn attracts a flow of strong capital from all parts of the region.

The business environment in UAE is widely regarded as among the most open and business-friendly in the GCC. This is also reflected in UAE’s ranking in "Doing Business" 2015 report of World Bank. UAE enjoys a ranking of 22 which is ahead of Saudi Arabia (49th) and many notable European countries like Netherlands (27th), Turkey (55th) and France (31st). UAE also ranks high in economic openness index and enjoys the 7th position globally. It is ahead of numerous countries like Sweden (12th), Switzerland (11th), Denmark (15th) as well as the United States (38th). UAE also ranks 1st all over the world when it comes to government proficiency index and 4th in terms of economic performance. The country also has the 9th ranking when it comes to the commercial transactions.

starting a business in abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi provides business owners with a stable government and its worldwide open diplomatic policy is ideal for international business companies to carry out their operations here in this part of the world. The city of Abu Dhabi has seen consistent growth over the last 40 years. It is also ranked high among various Middle Eastern cities for the high quality of life that it offers. The highly developed infrastructure of Abu Dhabi together with superior economic performance and government efficiency makes this city strategically advantageous for business owners to set up their firms. The high GDP of Abu Dhabi makes it a perfect place for carrying out business activities. Abu Dhabi also offers 100% foreign ownership to international business owners and demands 0% income tax, which makes it financially advantageous to carry out operations in this city.

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