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Which Dubai real estate locations still deliver good ROI?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 30-03-2018
Which Dubai real estate locations still deliver good ROI?

For the last several years, Dubai has been a hotspot for a lot of real estate development. Investors from all parts of the world now consider Dubai a highly lucrative destination in terms of the returns that can be obtained from real estate investments. However, not all areas of Dubai deliver the same kind of returns for any investor. It is due to this reason that people looking to invest in Dubai real estate are always eager to know which areas in this city are likely to deliver the maximum profitable returns.

While it is true that many area in Dubai are noted for offering some of the most steeply priced real estate projects in the world, there are also numerous options of affordable housing that are aimed to welcome international expats from different parts of the world. Investing in these projects is always a good idea as it can certainly deliver a lot of good profits. This is so because while high priced real estate projects do have their own takers, these affordable housing projects have a greater number of buyers at any given point of time and so the profit margins with these projects are notable higher most of the time. For instance, there are many projects in the Arjaan neighborhood of Dubai such as the Miraclz that can deliver top notch prospects for anyone looking to invest with Dubai real estate.

The real estate projects in the Arjaan neighborhood of Dubai offer two bedroom apartments and studio apartments at pocket friendly prices. While these apartments stand out for their modular styles and low costs, they are often equipped with ultra-modern amenities such as swimming pools and balconies with breathtaking views, completely equipped health clubs, great retail options and badminton courts. Another great location that one should certainly consider for real estate investments in Dubai is the downtown area. The downtown Dubai area is notable for having some of the priciest real estate projects in the city, which are around AED 2000 per square feet or more. The development of the Boulevard and Dubai Opera House has completely transformed the area as more people are choosing now to come and settle here than ever before. By investing in any of the upcoming real estate projects that are being developed in this part of the city of Dubai, one can easily hope to achieve a substantial level of ROI.

The Jumeirah Central is yet another notable location in Dubai that has seen a lot of real estate development in the recent times. The area offers excellent retail options for the people living here. It also offers great social interaction and there are plenty of great social clubs, botanical parks, and karting tracks which increase residential engagement. Such factors have already increased the number of people who have chosen to move in Dubai in the recent times. Investing in the real estate projects in Jumeirah Central can be lucrative in more ways than one as many new developments are slated to come up here very soon.

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