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What is Sanitized Laundry & Dry Cleaning?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 29-03-2020
What is Sanitized Laundry & Dry Cleaning?

The bare minimum precautions are always taken care of  by our super-moms to make sure our clothes are warm, fuzzy and clean. 🥰

But, did you know that with the you walking down the street, number of germs, bacteria and infectious viruses clam on to your clothes that you can't see with your naked eye ? 🦠 So think twice before wearing your jeans for the 3rd time without it being cleaned. 

Laundry in Abu Dhabi

Here is the thing, you might throw all your clothes into the washing machine to get them cleaned but not all clothes should be put in the washing machine. Delicate clothes such as the Kandora, Abaya and suits are some of the items that shouldn’t be washed in regular machines as they have special fabrics that might get ruined, shrink or even become discolored. But most important of all, they might not be disinfected completely with the detergents used at home.

The machines at home should be disinfected and washed after every laundry batch to make sure they don't pass from one clothing item to the next. Also, some people might use "air-dry" method rather than a drying machine to dry soaked clothes, which might still have a risk on your clothing from airborne viruses and germs.

Then what is the solution?

Sanitized laundry and dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

What’s that?

Well, laundry shops in Abu Dhabi use powerful laundry sanitizer that kills all germs & viruses when dry cleaning your clothes. The staff are always disinfecting the machines as well and around the clock to make sure all germs are washed away.

Also, with dry cleaning, a more powerful solvent is used rather than water to also make sure that your clothes are cleaned from stains and protected from discoloration.

Laundry in Dubai

How is it done?

A premium service that you deserve & for your connivence is put in place.

Step #1: Laundry Pick-up

Schedule a free laundry pick-up anywhere in Abu Dhabi here: or give us a call. Our numbers are on top & below this page.

Step #2: Dry Clean

Top quality machines and solvents will be used to deep clean your clothes thoroughly

Step #3: Sanitization

The laundry will disinfect and sterilize your clothes from germs and viruses

Step #4: Pressing & Folding

All laundry will be steamed, ironed, folded and hanged based on your requirements.

Step #5: Free Delivery

The laundry will be delivered to your doorsteps covered and sanitized.

Always look fresh & for less. Check out for a seamless laundry service experience with free pickup & delivery anywhere in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

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