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Update to Storat Subscription Plans - Simpler and more accessible

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 23-05-2018
Update to Storat Subscription Plans - Simpler and more accessible

Over the last two years, our platform evolved based on customers feedback and requirements. We started as a classified marketplace. Now is a lead generation platform with one of the most innovative web enablement and lead generation technology in the middle east market. This is backed by more than 100,000 registered users and 1600 paying customers on Storat subscription plans.

As we evolve our platform based on customer feedback, there a common request from many customers to make our subscription plans simpler and more gradual for customers to pick and choose the product and services they want. Hence, we are changing our subscription plans to the following two simple plans:

  • Lead Generation subscription plan with No Upfront Payment.
  • Digital Marketing subscription plan

Lead Generation subscription plan - No Upfront Payment

The focus of this plan is pure lead generation and getting customers online to your business. Under the lead generation subscription, customers will not make any payment upfront. Customers can set a monthly limit to spend to receive leads. Under this plan, you will be charged only if you receives genuine leads. The price per lead depends on the category of products & services you are selling. 

What is included under Storat lead Generation subscription Plan?

  • Lead Generation Services to promote the services & products offered by the Customer on, Google, Facebook, and Instagram and by SMS and Email.
  • Free unlimited publishing of products and services on
  • Free Website based on Storat Website Solutions during the period of the agreement, both in Arabic and English.
  • Free Access to Storat Call Center and Lead Management System to track and manage leads from the various online sources. The Customer will have an assigned a virtual number (landline) from Du to their profile on, website, and social media accounts. All the inbound calls will be tracked using the Call Center cloud telephony.
  • Free online training on managing and using the system.
  • Reporting & Tracking: Impressions, views and leads will be reported using Storat Lead tracking dashboard with direct access by the Customer.

Pro’s of Lead generation subscription plan is

  1. No upfront payment. Pay only when you receive leads.
  2. Can cancel at any time.
  3. Suitable for customers on a limited budget or not ready yet to do a major upfront commitment for full service digital marketing.
  4. Great entry point to Storat lead generation platform.

Digital Marketing subscription plan

Digital marketing subscription plan is for customers looking for a full service to build online presence and manage digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing subscription includes full strategy, dedicated account manager, dedicated digital marketing resources to manage a customized campaign for your business. Yet it is being offered at a competitive price for UAE market for deeper discount the longer the contract term. In an effort to make our pricing more transparent and clear, we are sharing below the latest price list for product & Services. Customers can pick and choose the products and services suitable for their business. We also are offering free digital marketing consulting workshop to help customers build a digital marketing strategy.

Storat Digital Marketing in UAE Prices

Discount offered based on the length of the subscription agreement

Storat Digital Marketing lead generation UAE discount level

to schedule your free digital marketing workshop, feel free to call us at: 
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