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Top tips for booking maids per hour in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 21-06-2019
Top tips for booking maids per hour in Abu Dhabi

Booking maids per hour in Abu Dhabi is becoming a very popular service. A lot of families and expatriates are optioning to hire a full time maid and instead hire cleaning services Dubai or Abu Dhabi per hour. It is more cost effective for a lot of families on a budget than getting a full time maid with all the associated expenses. Here are the top tips to get the right maid per hour for your home cleaning services in UAE.

  • The more hours, the less than rate: Cleaning companies offer the services at AED 100 per 2 hours. The price can go up when adding cleaning materials. The tip is that the more hours you book, the less the rate. 
  • Book at least one day in advance, specially for weekend cleaning. Thursday to Saturday are the busiest for hiring maids per hour. It is recommended to book in advance to secure availability at a lower rate.
  • Consider monthly or annual contracts: If you sign a monthly or annual contracts with monthly payment options, you can get the cleaning services for as low as AED 20 per hour. 
  • At, we have made it easier and cheaper to pay for your cleaning services on credit card. Wither you want to do pest control in Abu Dhabi or Sofa Cleaning in Dubai, paying by credit card is 10% less expensive.

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