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Top 4 Reasons To Invest In Al Ain Real Estate

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 07-06-2017
Top 4 Reasons To Invest In Al Ain Real Estate

Al Ain with its stunning landscape and boundless greenery along with umpteen oasis within the inland city is rightly named as the ‘Garden City’. The unusually high population of the city mostly consisting of expatriates has made numerous Real Estate companies in UAE make a beeline for this area.

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It makes sense to opt for Real estate investment in Al Ain according to the top property dealers of the region. So go ahead and take a closer look at the various properties for sale or rent in Al Ain City. Here are a host of reasons to check them out.

  • Cost Effective- Well, UAE is known for its wealth but sadly most of the world community do not want to go past Dubai when it comes to observing the Real estate for sale. However, this Garden City is barely 1.5 hours drive from the bustling city of Abu Dhabi and will make you stare agape in wonder. Surprisingly, the prices of properties for rent along with those meant for sale are deemed to be extremely attractive by the expatriates especially those hoping to invest some good money in UAE and spending some good moments here as well.

  • Simple Process- With the whole of UAE being focused on bringing in foreign investments, the entire process of Real estate investment in Al Ain has become simplified indeed. The World Bank has already mentioned the country as being one of the top destinations where you can expect a good ROI. The city of Al Ain offers identical opportunities as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for people looking at real estate opportunities.
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  • Renting Vs. Buying - This is a dilemma indeed! The city boasts of a large number of Emiratis and a never ending trail of expatriates arriving to the city throughout the year. The foreigners seek to find a place that looks and feels like home in spite of being far away from their home country. There are numerous property dealers in the city who help them by offering good opportunities in real estate for sale while others try to interest them in renting a house. It definitely makes sense to opt for leasing a villa or a vacation house, if you are interested in a vast space. Buying a modest apartment would be the best option for you though, if you are interested in lowering your annual living expenses.
  • Variety- There is absolutely no dearth of housing options in the Garden City of Al Ain. While the stand alone villas with a large amount of space offer complete privacy so cherished by the Western inmates of the city, the compound villas with a few shared facilities are in huge demand too. The cluster villas are usually occupied by several like minded expats and their families often working for the same organization. However, the apartments ranging from a single room to 4 bedrooms are rented out or sold as soon they come up on the market.

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