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Tips and Tricks To Be A Smart Online Property Seller in Dubai

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 10-04-2018
Tips and Tricks To Be A Smart Online Property Seller in Dubai

Selling properties in Dubai is never a cakewalk even for an experienced property seller. As properties require huge investments, buyers tend to be extra careful while selecting the property and try their best to negotiate. On the other hand, the owners want to gain maximum price on their property at any cost. Hence, it takes a lot of time and efforts on the property seller’s part to successfully convert a lead into business.

While things have changed with the introduction of online marketplaces for properties in UAE, you still need to attract property buyers and sellers to your business. Confused how to accomplish that? Go through the following tips and tricks that will help you become a smart online property seller and close as many deals as possible.

1.  Create a robust online presence

The moment you decide to sell properties online, the first thing you will need to do is get visible online which can be done in a number of ways. For starters, you have to get your own professional website created by experts. The website should have all the necessary information about you and your business. On top of that, it should be easy to navigate and mobile friendly as well because the majority of the population today are smartphone users.

However, a website is not enough for creating a powerful online presence. You also have to build your distinct identity on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach a bigger audience. Posting regular updates on your social media handles will work wonders. For example, you can post about hottest property investment areas or properties in Dubai. Indulging in a strategic search engine optimization will also be of great help in ranking your website up in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Doing so will significantly boost your brand online.

2.   Focus on your ideal customers

Like every other business, one of the keys to becoming a successful online property seller lies in focussing on the right kind of customers for each property. Every property will have some kind of a distinct appeal to the specific type of buyers such as property in Dubai in a calm neighborhood will be ideal for families. All you need to do is identify the target audience for each property and then focus on reaching out to them. It will draw you closer to serious buyers and increase the chance of closing the deal.

3.   Utilize popular property marketplaces

As an online property seller, you need to be active on leading property or real estate websites in Dubai and UAE. After all, prospective buyers are more likely to start their house-hunting online. Therefore you need to list your clients’ properties on these portals to gain more relevant leads. Apart from free listings on such portals, there are options for paid ads too. You only need to write an attractive yet informative description to gauge the visitors’ attention.

4.           Add high-resolution photos and virtual tour

The virtual world speaks more in the language of photos and videos. That’s why it is only wise to take good quality photos and video tour of the property you are trying to sell and include them in its online listings. It allows prospective buyers to have a walk-through the experience of the property and helps them make a better decision.

5.           Respond to customers promptly

To be a smart online property seller, you will need to be quick in responding to every lead that enters your mailbox or phone calls. If you fail to get back to the inquiries promptly, chances are your leads would start knocking on your competitors’ doors in no time. Your prompt response to customers will also add to your goodwill.

6.           Analyse your competitors

There would be many other online property sellers in the market hence it’s essential for you to be a step ahead of them. For that, you need to analyze what your competitors are doing online to gain business and then strategize accordingly.

Other than these tips, you can also send out various helpful guides and relevant property content to your audience at regular intervals to build a strong rapport with them. All these tips will definitely take you closer to become a smart property seller online.

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