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Tip for Getting Top House Cleaning Service Providers in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 31-03-2017
Tip for Getting Top House Cleaning Service Providers in Abu Dhabi

There are several reasons as to why you may need to get house cleaning services while you are living in Abu Dhabi. It may be that your family members are not living here with you and so you would need some help to keep your home clean. It could be that you are living in a big villa and as such you do not have enough time or manpower to clean the whole space in an effective manner. Whatever may the reason be you will always have options for yourself. These days, there are plenty of companies in Abu Dhabi that are providing these services.

Nature of the contract

When you are availing housekeeping services in Abu Dhabi you are basically entering a contract with the concerned service provider. In the contract, you should clearly write down the times at which you want the maid for your apartment or villa. You can always be sure with the quality of services though! These maids are professionals in the truest sense of the word and would always ensure that your home looks clean. Normally the payment in these cases is decided based on hours that the concerned person is working for.

Deciding the work hours

Normally these maids work for 4 hours each week. However, the work hours could vary if you are looking for modern building maintenance in Abu Dhabi. It all depends on the kind of space that should be cleaned. In case you live in an apartment for 4 hours a week would be deemed good enough. However, if it is a villa that she is supposed to clean then it would need at least 8 hours a week. At times, you can ask for a maid for each day a week.

Flexibility of service

This is an important aspect to consider when you are looking for such services. If you want to get pest control in Abu Dhabi done in your home then there are separate arrangements for that as well. In most cases, you would see that these service providers are quite flexible with the terms of service. They will give you anything that you want. They can, in fact, provide a wide array of services such as the following:

  • floor cleaning
  • washing
  • ironing
  • tidying
  • dusting
  • cooking

What does basic house cleaning service in Abu Dhabi cover?

Any basic level house cleaning service in Abu Dhabi will cover various areas of your house. Here the maids will clean your floors by mopping and using a vacuum cleaner as and how it is needed. In the kitchens, they will clean the surfaces, dust the appliances, wipe the cupboards, clean the fridge and the oven, and wash the kitchen floors. In the bathroom, they would sanitize the sinks, floors, baths, counters, and toilets. In all the rooms, they would mop and then use the vacuum cleaner, clean the lampshades and replace the bed linen. They will also clean the light fittings and the furniture.

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