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Things To Do Before Renting An Apartment In Dubai

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 07-06-2017
Things To Do Before Renting An Apartment In Dubai

Moving to Dubai in the course of your job may thrill you to the core of your heart. However, finding a suitable place to live happens to be of utmost importance once you reach the place. Staying in a hotel endlessly is definitely not going to work but then you need to be aware of certain facts once you go all out trying to rent an apartment in Dubai.

What you need to check before opting for an apartment for rent in Dubai?

apartment for rent in Dubai
apartment for rent in Dubai

It is best to remain prepared for every eventuality as well as be aware of the laws and regulations pertaining to the real estate companies in Dubai instead of going ahead and renting the first apartment you come across. These are the facts you need to consider:-

  • Online Resources- The chances of finding an apartment that suits your requirement will certainly be bright when you check online for the properties for sale / rent in the whole of Dubai with particular emphasis on the localities of Al Furjan or Palm Jumeirah. You are also likely to find numerous property dealers in Dubai along with their contact details and other valid information. Short listing and getting touch with only a handful of dealers will not only save your time but also help you to save spending money trying to locate the right one
  • Agents- It is essential to find an agent who is registered officially with the ‘Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)'. It is definitely best to avoid engaging an agent who fails to show his ID card that corroborates his occupation as a real estate Broker.
  • Contracts- Make sure that your tenancy contract is duly registered with the Ejari. Do not be convinced by the property dealer’s tall claims about issuing the UAE rental contract on your behalf. It is best to do it on your own in order to be on the proper side of local law as well as to safeguard your rights as a tenant in Dubai.
  • Visa- It is necessary to have a valid residential visa for UAE, if you intend to stay for a period of time in the country. You can definitely seek to rent an apartment in any locality of Dubai, if your visa is still being processed. You do need to have it certified by your employer in such circumstances though. Remember that you do not have to reveal your salary or income details to your landlord at any time, asking for it is tantamount to abusing the regulations set by RERA.
  • Right to Share- Sharing an apartment or villa with multiple families is strictly against the law in Dubai and all of UAE. Overcrowding is illegal too. Do not forget to study the regulations pertinent to tenancy in the county before signing your contract.
  • Services- Do make sure to visit the offices of 'Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)' for all necessary utility services such as electricity, water and Internet or you can apply online as well with DEWA.
  • Moving to your new home. Make sure to make a check list of the following services to help you with the move to the new apartment:

1- Cleaning services company in Dubai. A lot of cleaning companies offers maids per hour in Dubai

2- Moving and packing company in Dubai to help you with the move

3- Pest control company in Dubai to disinfest the apartment before or after your move. 

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