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Things To Check Before Buying a Used Car In Dubai

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 12-06-2017
Things To Check Before Buying a Used Car In Dubai

There are many things to consider before planning to invest your hard-earned money in a used car. In Most cases we come across people who make hasty decisions and end up wasting time on various formalities and procedures later. To avoid being in such a situation, it’s always advised to keep the following steps in mind before investing in a used car anywhere in Dubai:

1. Make sure that the vehicle is carrying a Gulf Specification Certificate. Other vehicles are also accepted with additional Gulf Specification certification at extra cost if the vehicle is fit for GCC regulations according to the testing authority’s approval.

2. The stock vehicle should be a left-hand driving, without being altered or modified. You should also make sure that the vehicle was never previously involved in any major accidents. Comprehensive test reports are available at selected vehicle testing authorities.

3. Confirm that there is no existing mortgage on the current registration card. In case of any mortgages, obtain a release certificate from the respective bank or finance company to avoid further complications.

4. Current owner should be personally available for signature at an authorized customer service centre while the vehicle is being registered or owned by an individual. If the vehicle is owned by a company, personal appearance is not required. A sales agreement should be provided from the seller company according to RTA format in Arabic on their official letter head duly stamped and signed with copies of authorized signature verification documents.

5. The vehicle should pass the technical test and insured for 13 months to the buyer’s name. To save you time and effort, this procedure can also be handed over to any of the companies that offer car related services in Dubai.

6. When registering a vehicle to an individual’s name in Dubai, a valid residence visa should be stamped in the passport. Need to provide copies only. For those who hold a resident visa from other emirates and willing to register a car in Dubai, they must own a residence tenancy contract, residence or trade license ownership documents and DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority­) bills to their own name in Dubai. You will need to submit the originals along with a copy at the time of registration. RTA Dubai will retain copies and return the originals after a spot verification.

7. Kindly note, in case a vehicle sale is done with existing Salik tag, then Salik tag will become inactive upon the completion of the transaction. Remove the old one and replace with a newly purchased one or else you can expect hefty Salik fines. The first crossing of a Salik gate will be fined AED 100, second crossing AED 200 and then onward AED 400 each.

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