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The Most Effective Methods for Teaching English Language for Kids

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 02-06-2017
The Most Effective Methods for Teaching English Language for Kids

English is an international language and as a result it is necessary that every person is well acquainted with it from the very beginning. Knowing how to communicate in English with others can be a great asset for anyone wanting to further his or her career. It can also help a person in his or her personal and social lives. Here are some of the most effective ways by which English as a language can be taught to the students.

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  • When it comes to delivering English language courses for children, it is necessary to make use of various tools and methods that would help them to engage with the study material. For instance, they can be encouraged to read stories, poems, rhymes and other texts by directing them towards different types of creative activities. It is necessary to appeal to their imagination so that they can take strong interest in learning about English. With creative endeavours like painting, film projects, music composition, stage dramas or sculpture making sessions, kids can share their vocabulary, concepts and ideas which gives their whole reading experience a new meaning and purpose.
  • The study materials that are to be presented to the students should be made according to their needs, For instance, little children who are around 5 or 6 years old may grasp things pretty quickly when they are presented with study materials that encourage them to use their imagination. Likewise, the study materials that are meant for teenage students should be more objectively oriented and focus on the external world and day to day usage of the language.
  • It always helps to provide students with clear and precise goals while they are trying to learn the different aspects of the English language. This naturally incites them to push themselves harder in the class and learn in a quicker and better way. It also provides them with a platform to evaluate their own skills with the language.
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  • Technology can be used in a number of creative ways to educate students about the various aspects of learning English. For instance, study materials comprising of grammar lessons, essays and stories can be presented to the students in the forms of podcasts or PDFs. The podcasts can be played by the students in their personal computers according to their convenience and the PDFs can be downloaded for being viewed in Kindle or other eBook readers.
english skills abu dhabi
  • A student may also be presented with audio samples or tapes that can help students to grasp the communicative elements of the English language. It is not just enough to be well versed with the grammatical aspects of the language; one should also be well versed about the spoken language as well. By listening to the audio files, a student can understand the pronunciation of different words and see firsthand how the English language is used for day to day communication purposes.
  • It is necessary to carry out evaluation tests on a regular basis as that can serve as the right kind of impetus for the students to sharpen their skills with the English language.

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