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The Lease For You

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 14-11-2017
The Lease For You

Ajman Realtor takes over the marketing responsibility for the landlord with exclusive leasing rights and screens suitable tenants on behalf of the owner. The landlord doesn’t pay for this service. We collect a onetime Agency fee from our tenants to cover our marketing costs and benefits. Once the job is done and the property is fully let, we hands the property back to the landlord. Facilities management and Tenant services are managed directly by the owner from the beginning. The landlords make use of our professional leasing set-up without creating a new leasing department of their own and let their property successfully and later manage tenant affairs on their own.

Services Offered:

  • Establish a temporary leasing office within the premises
  • Advertising the Property via Print, Online and Signboard Media
  • Finding New Tenants for the Property
  • Accompanied Viewing
  • Collection of Rent & Security Deposit in the Name of the Landlord
  • Pre-lease Inspection
  • Key Handover

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