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The Latest Methods For Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 29-06-2019
The Latest Methods For Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi

A body that is totally bereft of hair except on the head is indeed enviable. Women and men too have been yearning to get their bodies rid of unwanted hair from time immemorial. True, there has been much experimentation with the procedures with some swearing in favor of razors while others trying out hair removal creams tirelessly but a satisfactory result had eluded people for long.

The modern days of today are fortunately happier than the earlier generation with quite a lot of methods working effectively. There is a rush of individuals to clinics that offer hair removal treatments in Abu Dhabi in hope of a perfect solution. Check out the facts.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi
Laser Hair Removal

Today, Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi is one of the latest methods to get rid of all your unwanted hair from your body. This is definitely the process that ensures a smooth skin with the normal hair growth rate receding rapidly. True, the actual process may sound a trifle complicated but it will help you to consult with an expert to learn how it can help you obtain your objective without much ado. There are a number of laser machines to try though. 


Electrolysis in Abu Dhabi

A procedure that destroys hair follicles completely thereby getting rid of unwanted hair for good. It is considered to be suitable for all hair and body types with the FDA declaring it to be a method that succeeds in removing hair permanently. The procedure requires highly specialized equipment as well as well trained personnel. It is also pricey with many individuals complaining of discomfort and pain. A few sensitive patients may have to be given a topical anesthetic before electrolysis. Instances of infection after the treatment are not unheard of, unfortunately.

It would help if you leave it to the professional to choose it on your behalf. The suitability will depend on your skin type as well as the hair quality. Do not be swayed by the Western propaganda though. Remember that the laser that works wonders on a light skin pigment along with blonde or brown hair will fail to be successful when used on a person of Asian or African origin.


Hair Removal with Sugar
Hair Removal with Sugar

A wax made by mixing sugar, water, glycerine, and lemon juice can actually prove to be quite effective when applied on the skin and pulled off after a few minutes. Sure, it is quite painful with the process being quite similar to traditional waxing but the after effects are less disturbing if done under the supervision of a professional.

Doctors and cosmetic beauty professionals are convinced by the efficacy of laser hair treatments so far and regard it to be the best possible method so far.

Dubai laser hair removal medical centers conducts the process with the help of its excellent team and a number of latest models of laser hair removal machines. Do walk in for a consultation ASAP and be rewarded with a smooth, blemish-free body.

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