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Sajway Turns the Most Famous Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi from a Home Cook

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 17-09-2017
Sajway Turns the Most Famous Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi from a Home Cook

A road to success isn’t easy! but you can find your way with hard work. That’s why Sajway restaurant founded by mother of Bassam- Em Bassam is renowned as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Em bassam exceeded obstacles with the immense hard work and patience, which led Sajway to have two branches in Khalidiya and Tourist Club in Abu Dhabi. Fueled in with the craze to succeed, Sajway restaurant in Abu Dhabi is serving the best Lebanese food in Abu Dhabi.

sajway restaurant

The success of Sajway is a combination of hard work, dream and dedication! The journey began with a positive thinking and initiative of Em Bassam in 2000. She decided to support her family financially with a dream in her mind.

Lebanese cuisine, being her forte as claimed by her family in Abu Dhabi, encouraged her to commence this! Beginning locally was a smart outset as she decided to cook various Lebanese dishes and sold it to her neighbors and others in contact. She was and still is a professional cook. Food was an art according to her, she used to cook food with her special sense of taste. She was not only cooking as a duty towards her family, but she was enjoying making every daily meals love. Then, her family and friends used to ask her to cook her very delicious food for them and they admire her unique taste. It was notable that the food is distinctive.

What’s Next? The idea of having her own Lebanese restaurant got its initiation!

Her dedication and devotion towards the business soared! She inaugurated her first branch in Khalidiya Street. Increased visitors for Sajway, Appreciation, Recognition and majorly Em Bassam’s uphill battle got her success. Sajway got this restaurant a new name, a new branch and a new title- Best Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi! They have developed a trustworthy business- known among the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Astounding Cuisines at Sajway settle your taste buds better! It is an easy-to-approach and nearby restaurant in Abu Dhabi for a delectable treat. Find mouth-watering Grill Way, Saj, Daily Dish, Forn Sandwiches or anything on the menu, cooked to delight you at Sajway.

sajway restaurant

3HQ’s have been taken into account by Sajway- High-quality Cuisine, High-quality Beverage, and High-quality Service. All these delivered in a professional and friendly atmosphere! It is a great place to hang out with family in Abu Dhabi to enjoy Lebanese food. There has never been a restaurant in Abu Dhabi that caters to the Lebanese food both in delicious dining and modern ambiance as Sajway. So Sajway, brings that experience to you!

They’re coming close to you! Em Bassam will soon be hosting a food truck to be in Khalifa City A. The truck has been designed to take diners to an awesome food journey. Not just a minimized restaurant, Sajway Food Truck will be a place for everyone! People of all ages are welcomed to have food and fun at nominal prices.

Join us at Sajway for an outstanding appeal! The charming layout of the restaurant that will showcase the Lebanese traditions, music and style will enthrall you. Our strategy is simple, great food, great service with great fun.

Sajway is your way!

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