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By Storat Marketplace , posted on 01-09-2016 Marketplace is released in Beta

We are thrilled to announce that we have finally migrated to:

Oryx Cloud is excited to announce the launch of the Beta version of, a social and open online marketplace for small businesses and consumers to build online stores, publish their products, services, and jobs, and share their news and deals

Over the last six months, Oryx Cloud Research & Development team has been working on building the portal using cutting edge web technology. The portal was developed from scratch using internal resources of Oryx Cloud R&D to address the specific needs and requirements of Middle East small businesses and consumers. In the beta version, we are releasing key features that we are proud to be the first to introduce to online marketplaces. Businesses can build an online store with reserved url, can publish in both Arabic and English with an innovative interface that allow publishing in both languages for the first time in a marketplace. Users can integrate their social media accounts with so all their published products and news will be automatically posted to Facebook, twitter, etc., saving them time and expanding their reach across multiple platforms and social media channels. vision is to help small businesses and consumers in the Middle East establish web presence by making it easy to build a store online, publish products, services, and jobs, and share news and deals. All on a social and free to use portal.

What makes Storat different?

You can build your own public store online with your name, brand, and logo.

You can share your contact details and connect your social media accounts to share whatever your post on your store.

In your store, there are multiple menus such as About, News, and your Product Categories that can be easily configured in your private dashboard.

You will be able to publish on Storat in English and Arabic at the same time with an innovative interface so you don’t lose leads and customers because of language barrier.

There are a lot more features that we would leave it to you to discover it on your own. Go ahead and login on to start setting up your store.

Storat will be in its beta version until the first week of October 2016, so we would really appreciate your contribution by providing us with your feedback, suggestions, and ideas to improve it.

Only people with UAE valid mobile number will be able to publish on The marketplace will be open to other countries in December 2016.

For more information email us at

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