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By Storat Marketplace , posted on 05-03-2017 is now in Bahrain !

Show the whole world you mean business with by going online

We have created the most cost effective plans to give you the tools you need to market you brand and products and to communicate professionally with your customers through a website and business emails at your own domain.

What is

Storat is a marketplace where a user can create a profile page and post unlimited products, services, and blogs. A user can upgrade the profile page to a website on a dedicated domain (e.g.: with Professional business email (e.g.: running on the award winning Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Storat was launched in United Arab Emirates and Qatar with major adoptions among businesses and consumers. Today, we are happy to open the platform to residents of Bahrain. Storat is the only platform available in the middle east were a small business can create an Arabic\English website in less than 5 minutes. 

Sign up on today on to build an online store and publish unlimited products, services, news and deals for free.

for more information about How can you use Storat to market your company, products, and services, please visit Sell at Storat.

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