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Storat Releases an Awesome New Feature: Distinguish your Business with the Verified Local Business Stamp

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 29-07-2017
Storat Releases an Awesome New Feature: Distinguish your Business with the Verified Local Business Stamp

Establish Online Credibility with new potential customers released a host of new features last week, one of those features is Verified Local Business Stamp available to the marketplace business users in UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, & Qatar.

Verified Local Business Stamp on Storat- UAE

Verified Local Business Stamp in Store Home Page

Verified Local Business Stamp is intended to help local businesses distinguish themselves in UAE online market and be identified as a registered and certified business in the country of operation by the government. The stamp will show in your business home page, in the yellow pages UAE business directory, and in your products and services listing.

Verified Local Business Stamp on Storat Service Page- UAE

Verified Local Business Stamp in Products & Services Page

How to get the stamp?

Getting verified at storat
  1. Register at
  2. Verify your email and mobile on
  3. Fill your store information including your official business logo
  4. Upload at least one of your products and services
  5. go to the private dashboard and click on Verify local business tab
  6. Fill your business information from the latest valid trade license
  7. Upload a copy of your latest trade license (mandatory)
  8. Upload a copy of one the owner's passport or ID's (optional).
  9. Click Submit
  10. Storat Verification Team will verify the information and enable the stamp on your store within 24-48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Verified Local Business Stamp:

Does it cost anything to verify my business? No, it is absolutely free

I am an individual selling online, can I get the stamp on my store? Unfortunately No. The stamp will be issued to individuals or businesses who have a company, establishment or a license issued by the government to conduct business online

Do you show my license or full trade license number to online users?

No, when users click on the stamp, the following screen will pop up. Only the last 4 digits of the Trade License will be displayed and a confirmation of the information verified by team including trade license, mobile number, and email.

verified business stamp

whether you are a real estate agency selling properties in Dubai, Car Dealers selling used cars in Abu Dhabi, or a cleaning services in abu dhabi, Storat Verified Local Business Stamp is a great way to distinguish your business online for new potential customers that didn't do business with you before. Also, don't miss in asking your existing customers to submit reviews about your business to show new customers the level of exceptional services you provide.

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