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Setting a business in Dubai Vs Abu Dhabi - UAE

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 25-05-2017
Setting a business in Dubai Vs Abu Dhabi - UAE

UAE or United Arab Emirates is one of the most prosperous countries in the world and it is due to this reason that enterprises from various industries regularly choose to set up their centers in here. Plenty of companies yearn to know how to setup a company in UAE and enjoy the maximum financial returns this market can provide them with. Among the various emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi stand as two of the most important business centers of all. Consequently, international business companies are always eager to be a part of the market in these regions and have an edge over their competitors.

There are numerous advantages of setting up a company in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. These include greater ROI and edge over the market competitors. To set up a business successfully in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you will have to learn about the various steps associated with the process. Here is a look at the various requirements necessary to set up a business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

set up a business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
set up a business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


  • Prior to opting for business setup Dubai, carry out a detailed research on the market as that will help you make effective business decisions.
  • Get yourself a license for your business by consulting a business incorporation company that works in Dubai.
  • Set up an official address for your firm that you will need to get registered along with your company name. This can be a work address, an office space or a PO Box address.
  • Get yourself a resident Emirati who will serve as a partner for your business, that is a local sponsorship in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi

  • First of all, in order to avail business setup Abu Dhabi services, you must indicate the type of trade activities that will be practiced by your firm. The rules and regulations, payment structure and other necessities differ according to the business type. There are also certain commercial activities that involve special conditions.
  • There are a number of legal forms that you will have to fill out in order to commence your business in Abu Dhabi. These include those that define the type of enterprise that you have, such as Limited Liability Company or some other establishment. The type of business firm you register for will determine the laws, conditions and requirements of legal forms. In addition, you need to get a local sponsorship in Abu Dhabi who will act as a partner.
  • You will also have to choose a unique trade name for your company. The name must suit the type of activity associated with your firm.
  • You will then have to apply for an initial approval certificate for which you will require a valid Emirates ID and valid passport along with the fees.
  • Finally, you will need to get the license for your business, which can be commercial, professional, agricultural or occupational. This will help you to go ahead with the starting business Abu Dhabi process.

Whether you choose Dubai or Abu Dhabi for setting up your enterprise, the process of business setup UAE takes more or less the same amount of time. To make sure that the whole process is carried out as quickly as possible, you should definitely get in touch with an offshore company formation expert who can walk you through the whole process and provide you with all the necessary support that you need. Make sure you are also cover with the right partner to do the PRO Services in Abu Dhabi

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