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Save UP TO 50% on Printing Cost with HP Contractual Toner Cartridge Program

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 10-01-2019
Save UP TO 50% on Printing Cost with HP Contractual Toner Cartridge Program

Nobody wants to invest a lot of money in office supplies that don’t generate direct ROI. The same thing happens with printers. But you can’t do cost-cutting in this area or ignore it entirely because without printing documents it would be very tough to work daily for corporates or any sector in general.

So, how can you save a lot of money on your day to day printing solution?

What is HP OEM Contractual Toner Cartridge?

These toner cartridges are the next big leap in the printing solution by HP. Under this program, now you can get an original cartridge form HP directly. So, no mixing up or duplicates in the middle. Also, these cartridges have huge printing capacity at a lower cost so, by choosing these cartridges, you can save up to 50% on your per page printing cost.

Below we have mentioned the difference between both contractual and regular toner cartridge.

Why you should opt a Contractual Cartridge over a Regular Toner Cartridge

To display the actual difference, we are going to compare the Standard Toners with Exclusive Distribution Toners.

Standard Toners:

  1. A - High Performance
  2. X - Print High Volume
  3. D/M - Convenience

Exclusive Distribution Toners:

  1. AC/XC - High Performance & Print High Volume
  2. YC - Convenience

For Example

We are going to compare Standard Toner A with the Exclusive Toner AC and XC

Standard Toner (A)



Below is the estimate of the cost per page calculation if you are planning to use the contractual toners vs the standard toners.


Standard Toner

(Normal Yield)

Contractual Toner

(Normal Yield)

Contractual Toner

(High Yield)





Page Yield








Cost Per Page (AED)




Savings %




As you can see a standard toner (CE505A) can print 2300 pages for the cost of 300 AED. Whereas if you go for the AC toner you can print the same number of pages for only 265 AED which is 15% cost reduction over standard toner.


If you opt for the High volume toner then you can save 40% on your per page printing cost.

More Benefits for Opting for HP Contractual Toners

  1. Get Genuine Cartridges
  • The Biggest benefit of this program is that you’ll get the toners directly from HP. So, there will be no intermediaries to mix up or sell you a duplicate toner.

2. Save Huge Cost on High Capacity Toners

  • As explained earlier. Now, you can get high yield toners with the lowest cost ever which will also help in reducing the admin work from stock maintenance.

3. Complete Price Transparency and Price Locking for Contractual Period

  • With this Program during the contractual period, the price will remain the same which means no change in price due to any external factors, such as market price etc.

4. Priority Service

  • Now, you can get special offers on printer maintenance.

5. Free Collection of Empty Toners and Certificate

  • We are putting in our best efforts to keep the country clean and encourage businesses to go green. Our team will collect your empty toners for recycling.

Additional Cost Saving Benefits with Prompt Computers

  1. Now, you can save up to 20% on Annual Maintenance

For Example: If you spent AED 100,000 last year on printer maintenance, consider AED 20,000 as saved this year.

2. Reduce admin overhead and printer downtime by up to 80% by proactive maintenance.

Award-winning cloud software will be installed and maintained for free at your site to give you the following benefits:

  • Low Toner and printer maintenance alerts.
  • Know the print/copy counts per printer.
  • Automatic service calls mean no time wasted.
  • Price locked for the contract period.
  • Fixed rates for all toners during the contract period.
  • No change in price due to change in market price.

3. Special offers on printer maintenance

  • Avail priority service – 4 hours resolution time

4. Free collection of empty toners and certificate

  • We will collect your empty toners for recycling
  • Our efforts to keep the country clean and encourage businesses to go green

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