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Ramadan Iftar & Suhoor Buffets in Abu Dhabi 2019

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 25-04-2019
Ramadan Iftar & Suhoor Buffets in Abu Dhabi 2019

Enjoy Ramadan this year with your friends and family and leave your house chores on us. Simply book your cleaner at and we will send you the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi to your doorsteps ready to make your house spotless and sparkling. You can also leave your kids with the maids and babysitters in Abu Dhabi to enjoy your suhoor and shisha.

To people observing Ramadan this year, the list has finally arrived. Here are the top 5 best restaurants and tents to try this May for Iftar and suhoor.

1- Emirates Palace:

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Indulge a presidential experience this Ramadan at the Emirates Palace Ramadan Pavilion in Corniche Abu Dhabi. The fancy lounge &majlis has a private beach terrace view that you could enjoy while breaking your fast.

2- Layali El Hilmiya

Layali El Hilmiya in Abu Dhabi
Layali El Hilmiya

Enjoy iftar and Suhoor in downtown at Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi where oud would sound no better than at Layali El Hilmiya. You will find all your favorite oriental dishes, live stations.

3- Dahab Restaurant & Lounge 

Dahab Restaurant & Lounge in Abu Dhabi
Dahab Restaurant & Lounge

Your Arabian golden experience will be at the Hilton this Year. Enjoy a five course hot and cold cousins catered to your tastebuds

4- Dahow Iftar Cruize Iftar

Dahow Iftar Cruize Iftar in Abu Dhabi
Dahow Iftar Cruize Iftar in Abu Dhabi

Have you tried Iftar at the sea? Go aboard with All Over Tours for a traditional sailing experience and enjoy one of the best international cousins with a spectacular view of Abu Dhabi.

5- Sajway Lebanses Restaurant:

Sajway Restaurant in Abu Dhabi
Sajway Restaurant

This is Storat's all-time favorite home-made middle eastern cuisines prepared by the infamous Umm Bassam. You will be Home away from Home at Sajway.

Ramadan Kareem!

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