Prostate Cancer and Ganoderma

Prostate Cancer and Ganoderma

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On 01-02-2017

Prostate Cancer and Ganoderma

Prostate Cancer is a type of cancer can be eradicated if you catch it in time. This is the tumor more frequent among men, but not his main cause of death. When a cancer is detected early and the tumor is located in the gland accepted there are three options to combat it: the surgery, with the removal of the prostate and surrounding tissue; conventional radiotherapy or radioactive implants (Brachytherapy) which liberates the radiation Locally, or the observation without treatment for low-risk tumors of the sick and elderly. Prostate Cancer is a malignant tumor very common and generally appears from the age of 40 years.

Complementary Treatment with Ganoderma.

Ganoderma Lucidum, has within its ingredients the presence of zinc, calcium, Germanium and selenium, which as we know are necessary for the normal course of the prostate. Besides the flavonoids, alkaloids, natural and polysaccharides are collaborating to the gradual recovery of this gland masculine.

For the tratameniento prostatitis and prostate is recommended to consume the pods of:

Ganoderma GL 450 mg. And Ganoderma RG 220 mg, these capsules taken together the healing power will be better and faster.


Actually help your body to improve your health, circulation, regulates the digestive system and strengthens the immune system.


Strengthens the immune system, cleanse the internal organs, and promotes better circulation of the blood to dissolve placar arterial. It also helps the body in regenerative processes.

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