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Posting on Storat

By Storat Help and Support , posted on 20-12-2016
Posting on Storat

How many advertisements or products can I post on Storat?

There is no limit to the number of advertisements or products that you can post on Storat. However, we ask you to avoid spamming the site with same advertisement multiple times. Spam ads will be deleted and repeated spammer accounts may be blocked and suspended.

How do you classify an Ad as spam?

  • For example: if you have an inventory of 100 different cars, you can post 100 different ads on Storat. But If you have 1 car to sell and you post it more than 10 times, then this is considered to be spam.
  • Ads that are heavily reported by many users.
  • Suspicious ads that offers illegal services or services without proper license.

How much does it cost to post advertisements or products and services on Storat?

Nothing. Storat is a free marketplace and always will be, we guarantee it.

Can I post premium or featured advertisements and how much does it cost?

Yes you can, offers Ad plans for posting Featured, Featured Plus, Featured Ultimate or as a Featured VIP ad. All you need to do is click on the "Promote" button under your ad in Manage Ads in you Private Dashboard. Check Storat Plans to learn more.

Can I post on Storat from Mobile?

Android and iOS applications for Storat will be released by mid 2017. However, you can still post from your mobile web browsers as is mobile ready and responsive.

Where will my news & deals be posted?

On the right side of the homepage, there is a section called “Storat News”, all news will be posted there based on their published date and time. Click here to know how to post an ad, and here to watch how to post news on

What does the “Unpublish” button do?

The unpublish feature is used to hide advertisements or news instead of deleting them. The item that you decide to unpublish will not be live on your store once you click on the “Unpublish” button. You can publish them later by simply clicking on the “Publish” button. Watch how to unpublish ads and news on

What does the “Refresh” button do?

Your ads or news will appear on top of the home and search pages once they are posted, but with time, new advertisements and news will come on top. So, instead of deleting and posting an ad all over again, you can simply click on the “Refresh” button and your ad will be posted on top of the home page as if it was newly published. Watch how to refresh your ads and news on

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