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How to Disinfect your Offices from Germs & Bacteria in Dubai?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 17-03-2020
How to Disinfect your Offices from Germs & Bacteria in Dubai?

Whether you're the owner or manager of 🏢 an office, warehouses, factory, or a medical center, the minimum hygiene needs to be under control to maintain a healthy workplace. 

Office Disinfection & Cleaning in Dubai

Did you know that your desk has millions of germs and bacteria that you can't see with your naked eye!

Your keyboard, printers, meeting rooms and let's not forget the biometric is filled with germs jumping from one employee to client to supplier to you. Adding a hand sanitizers are not the solution. Many companies hire office cleaning services in Dubai to make sure every desk is cleaned, floor mopped and a cup of coffee washed. 

But here is the thing, he normal cleaning mops will indeed clean your office & disinfect the surfaces it touches, but there are some nooks and corners that you won't be able to reach.🤔

Also, hiring pest control companies to "disinfect" your warehouses and factories from pests and insects is not enough. The idea is the same, the chemicals that the pest control crew in their spray solutions and gel don't include the needed chemicals to eliminate certain germs and bacteria.

So what is the solution?

Office Sterilization. Just like the sanitizers you have all around the office to keep everyone's hands hygienic and germs free, your entire team deserves that too! 

In a matter of minimum of 2 hours, your office, warehouse, medical center or any commercial industry you work in will have the entire place sterilized and disinfected from infectious diseases, viruses and bacteria. 

Not only will your team's productivity increase, but you will also have a healthy environment!

Office Sterilization in Dubai

How is it done?

Step #1: If you own a warehouse or factory, one of our agents will drop by for a quick survey for free. (pictures/videos would also suffice to get you a quote)

Step #2: The crew will arrive at your doorsteps and start the disinfection process.

Step#3: The crew might ask you to have the areas untouched and to leave the place for at least one hour. 


99.999% Elimination of viruses (e.g. flu and virus outbreaks), bacteria and germs!

Office Disinfection in Dubai

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