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More about Storat

By Storat Help and Support , posted on 19-12-2016
More about Storat

What is Storat?

Storat is a social online marketplace where you can build a store to post and sell unlimited products, services, cars, properties, and jobs, and publish news & deals for free. With Storat, you can also upgrade your store for free to have your own website at your domain.

Where is the mobile edition of

Storat applications for both Android and iOS devices are ready, but will be released to the public by 2017.

What countries is available in? is targeted towards the Middle East region. However, is currently accessible only to users residing in United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Users in other countries are welcome to register, but will only be able to publish on by 2017. Please follow Storat Market Store where the launching dates and availability of Storat in each country will be announced.

Is there an Arabic version of

Yes, you can access the Arabic version of by clicking on the dropdown menu on the top right corner of this page, next to Login / Register.

Why do I have to authenticate my mobile number?

We ask you to authenticate your mobile number to help make your profile genuine and to fight spammers and scammers.

What are the minimum requirements that I should meet to post on

The minimum requirement to use and post on is to be at least 18 years old of age, with a valid email account, and a verifiable mobile number.

Does Storat handle order shipping?

Storat is not involved in any shipping management, it relies on sellers and buyers handling the transportation and order fulfillment together. However, when the e-commerce edition of Storat is released, a shipping plugin will be provided to sellers to easily integrate with their stores.

Does Storat have its own brand or products?

Storat is only a marketplace helping buyers and sellers allocate each other and connect. It doesn’t own any inventory, brand, product or a store.

What is the payment procedure to start using and posting on

There isn’t any. Storat platform is one where you can post unlimited advertisements for free.

However, if you are looking give your small business a more professional brand, you may consider using Storat websites and business email to build a great website at your own domain and have a professional business email to communicate with your customers, prices start at $11 USD per month.

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