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What Makes You a Perfect Candidate for Veneers and Lumineers

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 26-04-2018
What Makes You a Perfect Candidate for Veneers and Lumineers

Dreaming of the perfect smile for an overall appealing look won’t be just a dream now! A perfect smile is more than just a matter of dental alignment! It helps you boost your confidence and have substantial self-esteem for a better and productive lifestyle.

A chipped tooth or misaligned teeth can become the cause of distress. Thanks to the myriad dental treatments, you can no longer have to bear that distress. This article highlights the use of Veneers and Lumineers and how you can be a perfect candidate for any of these cosmetic dental treatments in Abu Dhabi.

Veneers refer to a thin film that is applied above the layer of your teeth to give a flawless shape and size to fix the minor dental flaws. This treatment requires the reshaping of the original teeth and enamel, which leaves teeth vulnerable without the veneer application.

This reshaping and resizing are important to have a permanent and suitable fix for your dental problems. Depending on the size of your teeth, your orthodontist in Dubai will decide about the reshaping and the resizing of the teeth before applying veneers.

Veneers are designed to give you a quick and permanent solution for myriad minor dental problems. Get treatment in less time- as less as 2 visits!

You are a suitable candidate for Veneers if you have:

  • Chipped tooth: Veneers are the perfect treatment for you if a large part of your tooth is cracked or chipped off due to an accident, veneers can be perfect for you. Veneers can easily cover the broken part giving you your original smile.
  • Permanent teeth Stains: There are many dental clinics in Dubai that offer translucent veneers to cover the permanent stains that otherwise require an extensive procedure. Bad lifestyle habits can lead to staining of the exterior of your teeth that can easily damage your self-esteem. If you have such stains, veneers can help you cover them.
  • Dental Misalignment: Veneers offer a perfect solution for those who have misaligned teeth and do not want to undergo reconstructive surgery.


Lumineers and Veneers are identical treatments with slight differences! Lumineers usually don’t require intensive reshaping or resizing as compared to veneers. Patients can choose from veneers or lumineers based on their preference.

However, just like veneers, they offer a permanent and quick solution to your minor dental problems that would otherwise require a traditional, extensive procedure.

You will be a perfect candidate for lumineers if:

  • You want to cover large gaps between your front teeth;
  • You want to permanently cover your discolored and stained teeth;
  • You want a permanent solution for crooked or misaligned teeth that would otherwise require reconstructive surgery for a flawless shape;
  • You want to have a quick fix for your minor dental problems, such as a chipped tooth.

Both veneers and lumineers are designed to help you fix small teeth alignment and color problems that are difficult to eradicate through traditional dental treatments.

These treatments essentially give you the option to try something else if you don’t want to go for the traditional procedures. These treatments generally cost less and offer a long-term solution for your above-mentioned teeth problems.

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