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Announcing Major Update to Storat URL Structure and New Upcoming Features

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 19-05-2018
Announcing Major Update to Storat URL Structure and New Upcoming Features

Storat URL Structure Change

Changes are Always Better! Storat recently deployed a new change to make things easier and better for you. The new update involves changing to Storat URL Structure and Storat Website Solution URL to be more SEO friendly approach.

What Changes Will You Notice?

 Below are the changes introduced in our recent update:

  • We retired state level domain hosting and migrated the content to country level host. For example, the host was retired and all the content was migrated to
  • We shortened the URL length for all the categories. For example, was migrated to
  • Arabic URL has been migrated to full Arabic characters URL. For example toأبو-ظبي

Why Have We Introduced These Changes?

The change in the URL Structure simplifies the following:

  • Manage the number of domains on
  • Provide an easier URL Structure for referencing.
  • Help your store, website, and products rank better in Search Engine. 

Will It Affect Your Store or Website?

The change in the URL Structure will automatically apply to your store or website. No action is needed from you. If you encounter an issue, feel free to contact us at

Major Upcoming Features on Storat

The following Three features will be deployed by end of May. It is intended to help improve lead generation and cater to mid and large size customers with multiple locations.

  1. Storat Messenger & Chatting System: The new chatting system will allow customers to chat with you on your website or store when you are online. Chat session will be captured as a lead in the Lead Management System.
  2. Multi-locations System for Every Store and Website:   Customers with branches across different locations will be able to list those locations. A different Call center number will be assigned to each location and leads will be captured and routed to the appropriate location.
  3. General improvement to Storat Lead Generation System to improve tracking and lead closure, receive leads notification on multiple emails, etc.

For more information or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at for support inquiries, please contact us at

Thank you for being a valued customer of, the premier digital marketing and lead generation platform in UAE.

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