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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Abu Dhabi at AED 149 per session

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 04-10-2017
Laser Hair Removal Treatment Abu Dhabi at AED 149 per session

Undesired Hair growth is a problem, isn’t it? Remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body with minimal pain and no monthly visits. Go in for Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi offered at the best dermatology clinic- Al Qadi Medical Center. Schedule or Book your appointment today.

Get a Long-Term Solution To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair at more than 50% Discount

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Abu Dhabi

Prices Slashed Down Within Your Budget!

Machine Used:  Medical centers listing on storat uses the lates laser hair removal machines like Cynosure Elite machine imported from USA for the treatment. The machine has a built-in cooling device to minimize the pain during the treatment.

We treat all body parts in single and multiple sessions according to the treatment required. The discount is valid for small, medium, large or full body laser hair removal treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The best offers on different body parts are mentioned below:

  • For Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Upper lip, Underrms, Chin - the prices have been slashed down to AED 149 for one session from AED 700 per session
  • Wish to remove unwanted hair from half arms, half legs, face or chest ? Get it done permanently at just AED 299 for one session from AED 700 per session.
  • Permanently remove hair from Legs, Arms, Bikini or Back at AED 499 now instead of AED 1500 per session.
  • Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment just at AED 2199 for one session instead of AED 6000 per session . Schedule your appointment today!

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