Kidney health and preventions

Kidney health and preventions

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On 19-01-2017

Kidney health and preventions

Kidney Protection by Ganoderma

Are kidney diseases curable? Western medical says "No". Dialysis is the final outcome for kidney patient. But Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM says "Yes". Kidney can be strengthened with the correct herbs for kidney. However, both medical theories view kidney as different thing. Isn't kidney is just a... kidney? Western medical kidney In western medical, kidney is a fist sized organ located at the back of your stomach. Each kidney contains approximately 1 million kidney cells. These cells absorb back nutrients from the blood and leave some water together with waste materials out as urine. So for western medical theory, herbs for kidney strengthen kidney functions to improve:

Acute kidney infection (inflammation)

Chronic kidney infection

Last stage kidney infection

Herbs for kidney also improve diseases associated with the weakening of this vital organ such as:High uric acid (Gout)

Protein in urine,Weak immune system

TCM's kidney However, Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM regards kidney as energy or meridian lines that pass through kidney and other body parts.

According to TCM, kidney stores 3 kinds of energy:

Prenatal energy.

Energy of the five main organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney)

Kidney is regarded as the foundation of "yin" (negative) and "yang" (positive) energy for the five main organs. It supports and affects the functions of: Bone,Teet,Ear,Hair,Brain,Waist (back)

Herbs for Kidney functions With these TCM's kidney functions, let's see what herbs for kidney can help to improve common health problems. Firstly, herbs for kidney enhance prenatal energy stored in kidney. Therefore, it improves:

Slow or retarded child growth (eg: small sized and skinny children)

Children with poor appetite. Children with bedwetting problem

By enhancing kidney's postnatal energy, these herbs improve health conditions caused by aging especially during menopause stage of men and women. Kidney stores energy of the five organs. It acts as the "yin yang" foundation for those organs. Therefore, herbs that strengthen kidney energy can improve diseases associated with the five organs especially: Asthma (lung). Hardening of liver, Liver cancer

Herbs for kidney can improve health conditions such as:

Bone spur and osteoporosis

Teeth problems

Hearing problems

Hair loss

Brain disease (eg: stroke, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease)


Weak leg

Afraid of cold

Frequent urination

Limitation of herbs for kidney Kidney cells that have died cannot be revived. Herbs can only strengthen the functions of remaining kidney cells, preventing further damage. That's why it is impossible to treat a dialysis patient because their kidney has seriously contracted.