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Invisalign Treatment Can Benefit You - Consider These 4 Tips

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 20-06-2018
Invisalign Treatment Can Benefit You - Consider These 4 Tips

Gone are the days when people had to rely only upon the metal braces to straighten their teeth or improve their smile. People now have access to advanced treatments like Invisalign which involves wearing a set of clear aligners which are virtually invisible to people but are as effective and much more convenient than traditional braces.

However, like any other dental treatment in Dubai, Invisalign also requires your total dedication and care. So, if you’re considering this treatment, we have outlined four tips to help you gain excellent results out of it.

Wear aligners for 22-hours a day  

Invisalign Treatment

Like adopting any new habit, wearing transparent aligners too can cause you initial discomfort. But it hardly takes a week’s time for your mouth to get used to this alien product. Once you’ve started the treatment, orthodontists advise wearing aligners for at least 22-hours a day to achieve desired treatment progress. That means you can remove them while having your meals or brushing your teeth, but that period should not exceed two hours.

If you don’t wear aligners for the most part of the day, chances are your teeth movements will get hampered which will ultimately prolong the treatment duration. Setting a reminder alarm can be helpful in case you tend to forget to put aligners back on.

Maintain proper oral hygiene and aligner-cleaning routine

Invisalign treatment

Since you will be wearing aligners for 22-hours every day, it is even more important to maintain an effective oral-care routine. After all, you don’t want decay-causing food particles to get stuck on your teeth or trapped on the aligners. That’s why it is necessary for you to brush and floss your teeth twice a day, especially after eating.

Similarly, keeping aligners clean is essential. You can use warm water and soap to clean them instead of the toothpaste as it tends to harm the aligner material and cause them to wear out quickly.

Follow dentist's advice

Invisalign treatment in Dubai

During the entire span of the Invisalign treatment, you will be receiving a fresh pair of aligners every few weeks. The duration of changing aligners will be decided by your dentist, not you, depending on how your teeth are responding to the treatment.

While you are undergoing the treatment, it is also equally important to follow a healthy diet. Your dentist will suggest a list of food items to be avoided and included in your diet, so you should stick to that.

Commit to wearing retainers

retainers in Dubai

After the completion of your treatment, you should not refrain from wearing retainers as recommended to you. That’s because these retainers help the newly aligned teeth settle in their new positions.

In case you avoid putting them on, your teeth might gradually start shifting back to where they were, and you will eventually lose all the benefits you gained through the treatment.
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