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Introducing your own Personal Dashboard

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 21-02-2018
Introducing your own Personal Dashboard

We have made an important change and we want to tell you about it. Yesterday we updated introducing a Personal Dashboard.

Storat Personal Dashboard

We also re-branded the previous private dashboard to Store Manager.

Storat Store Manager

Store Manager will continue to have all the great features that sellers need like advertisement management, leads tracking, publishing news, and upgrading a store to a website.

The Personal Dashboard is for general users to help manage their interaction with Storat sellers. From the personal dashboard, you can:

  • update your profile information and set preferences
  • Save products and services for comparison
  • Track inquiries for services and products
  • Submit reviews for Storat Sellers.

While the change is intuitive, we thought of sharing with you as a heads-up.

Thank you for joining our a family of Sellers. for more information please feel free to visit Sell on Storat. is a local services Dubai marketplace for selling products and services like medical centers in dubai, or offering your services in Abu Dhabi or other middle east countries.

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