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Important Things to Consider To Schedule Proper Car Maintenance

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 24-04-2018
Important Things to Consider To Schedule Proper Car Maintenance

Do you own a car? Then you just cannot ignore to care for it too. After all, regular car maintenance is like going to a doctor for your regular health check-ups. It keeps your car performance in check to make all your drives a safer and smoother experience on the road. But most of the car owners in UAE get confused when it comes to making an effective used car preventive maintenance schedule. So what should you do to keep your car healthy? Follow these basic preventive vehicle maintenance tips outlined below to save money on future car repairs.

1.  Owner’s manual

Every car is distinct from the other one in terms of its design specifics and engineering. Hence, what works for your neighbor’s car may not necessarily work for yours. That’s why it is essential for you to first thoroughly check out your car owner’s manual for car maintenance in Dubai. After all, no one knows the car model and its maintenance requirements better than the manufacturer company itself.

The manual contains all the necessary suggestions such as when to call for a maintenance service, what type of fuel the car requires, how often you should change the oil, timing belts, coolants, and filters. Following the manual’s tips will greatly help you in preventing the potential damages.

2.   Belts and fluids

While scheduling your car maintenance in Abu Dhabi, you should keep a check on car’s fluids including transmission fluid, antifreeze, power steering fluid and wiper fluid. You can check the fluid levels yourself or arrange for a professional inspection. That will help you decide whether you need to replace them.

Similarly, the serpentine and timing belt of the car also need regular maintenance. But instead of changing them at the traditional 40,000 miles and 60,000 miles respectively, find out when your vehicle actually demands a belt replacement. That will prevent the breakdowns and additional repair expenses.

3.   Engine oil

When it comes to an engine oil change in the car, there are more misconceptions attached.

That’s because people still tend to follow the old myth of replacing it every 3,000 miles, which is too frequent.

As today’s modern cars use much more efficient oil than what was used decades ago, they may require new oil after crossing more miles, for example, 6,000 or 7,000 miles. Moreover, each model is different and requires a distinct type of oil. The engine requirements and oil consumption also vary with the cars. Therefore, instead of relying on the age-old car maintenance schedule by mileage, you should refer your car manual to schedule a correct time for the suggested oil change.

4.   Tires

A perfect car maintenance checklist is incomplete without tires. It is very important to keep a tab on the tire pressure, alignment, balance, and rotation. That’s because worn out and imbalanced tires can cause fatal accidents. So, if you tend to notice even a slight problem with your tires, it is time to call the maintenance guy immediately.

5.           Spark plugs, battery, and filters

You can make an effective car maintenance schedule based on the state of your vehicle’s battery, spark plugs, air and cabin filters. You can inspect the battery yourself with the help of battery testers for any signs of buildup.

Likewise, you can check as well as replace the cabin filter yourself easily if necessary. For air filters, you can rely on your manual for the mileage threshold on which they need to be changed. As far as spark plugs are concerned, rely on your owner’s manual or the service guy for ideal replacement time.

6.           Previous service records

Just as you keep your medical records in place, it is necessary to accurately record all the maintenance services you do on your car. That helps you in making an ideal maintenance schedule based on which you can set your service reminders.

These are all the basic things you must keep in mind while making a proper car maintenance schedule.

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