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Important Change to Posting Policy. will be Exclusive to Businesses

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 09-02-2018
Important Change to Posting Policy. will be Exclusive to Businesses was open to any individual or business to post products and services for sales. Over the last few months, we have been transforming the platform to help local businesses with digital transformation, web-enabling their business, and driving leads online. evolved from being a Classified website to a lead generation platform for small and medium businesses. As such we are making the following changes to posting policy: posting will be open only to businesses with a valid trade license in the country of operation. Individuals will no longer be able to post ads in except in properties and motors categories. All other categories including products, classifieds, education, health-care, financials, & travel will be exclusive to businesses. The change will be effective by end of February 2018. If you are an individual and have ads or content on, please save it as your content will expire by end of February 2018. While Individuals can still post properties, cars, and motorcycles, we reserve the right to ask for proof of ownership to continue posting. Below is a frequently asked question about this change. is open only to businesses frequently asked questions.

Why are you making this change? has evolved from being a classified site to a lead generation platform for businesses. We are investing in technology like Micro-sites, Call tracking, lead management, integrated CRM, promotional campaign system, and ecommerce. All those investments are geared toward businesses, not individuals. As a small Startup, this change will help us focus on the group of users that we can drive the highest level of value. Also, there are literally hundreds of free classifieds sites and social groups that individuals can post their used items for sale.

I have an individual account on and I represent a business, how can I change my account type to business?

1. Go to Seller Dashboard, click Configure Store, click step 2: Store Details, and change Store Type to Business. Click Save.

storat private dashboard configure store

2. Click on Get Verified to verify your business. Enter Country Name, Legal Business Name, Trade License Number, Owner or Majority Shareholder Name, Trade License Expiry Date. Upload a copy of your trade license and a copy personal id or passport copy of the owner, shareholder, or registered manager, then click Save.

Storat Verify Business

3. Storat verification team will verify the information within 24 hours and enable your account accordingly.

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