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How to Use

By Storat Help and Support , posted on 20-12-2016
How to Use

How can I upgrade my store on to my own dedicated website?

You can now upgrade your store to a website at your own domain for free under “Configure Website” in your “Dashboard”. Here is how you can upgrade your store to a website.

How can I configure a great store to attract more customers?

Follow these easy steps to configure an attractive online store:

  1. Upload background image (recommended size is 1150 x 260px )
  2. Upload a store logo (recommended size is 120 x 120px )
  3. Reserve a store URL to easily invite your friends and customers to follow your store
  4. Add your website if you have one
  5. Complete the “About” section: add your store type, category, specialty and description for your about section. You can add them in both English and Arabic.
  6. If you have a physical store, upload some store images to drive buyers into it
  7. Add your contact information to be easily found in Storat directory and Google Search to reach millions of customers
  8. Connect your social media personal or business pages to share your posts there
  9. Upload your products, services, news and deals
  10. Connect your domain to upgrade your store to a website Here is how you can upgrade your store to a website.

Watch HowTo configure a great looking store on

storat dashboard
storat dashboard

How can I change the language on

You can change the language from English to Arabic and vice versa from the top right corner of this page, click on the drop down next to Login / Register.

You can post products and advertisements using Arabic and English languages at the same time. This is a unique features on Storat that will help you defeat the language barrier to reach more customers.

How can I contact a seller?

  • The seller’s information is provided on their store. You can simply visit their store, and find their contact information on the right side, next to their store name or in the “About” section.
Contact store seller
Contact store seller

  • You can also contact the seller directly from the ad page on the right side under their name and information, or below the ad where you could send them a message directly.
Contact store seller
Contact store seller

How can I report a spam?

On the right side of the ad page that you are suspecting as a spam, under the price click on “report”, choose the reason you are reporting the advertisement and then click on “send”. Storat team will then take the necessary action to investigate.

What social media can I connect with Storat?

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram personal profiles or business pages. Go to your dashboard under “Configure Store”, choose “Social Media Accounts” and connect your accounts there. We are in the process of enabling auto-post and it will be announced on Storat Market once available.

I can’t find my location when I’m posting an ad, how can I add it?

Choose a location closest to your exact location and add your exact location in the description, then email us at the missing location and we will add it to storat locations. Geolocations will be enabled on storat in the next few months for a more seamless experience

I can’t find the category of my motors/properties/services/ jobs when I’m posting an ad, how can I add it?

Send us an email at and we will evaluate and add the missing category.

I can’t find my ad on the home page anymore, what should I do?

Storat users adds thousands of products and advertisements each day. If you want to refresh your products to be on the top of the page, go to “Manage Ads” in your dashboard, click on the “Refresh” button of the Ads you want to see on top of the home page.

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