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How to protect your home from germs & diseases in Abu Dhabi?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 17-03-2020
How to protect your home from germs & diseases in Abu Dhabi?

The bare minimum precautions are always taken by our super-moms to make sure our houses are warm, fuzzy and clean. 🥰

nannies in Abu Dhabi

But, did you know that no matter how much you clean your house, harmful diseases, viruses, and germs are surrounding you?🦠

Almost all the furniture and surfaces you use at your home are accumulated bacteria and germs that you can't see with your naked eye. 

It does sound scary😱, but it's true. That is why it is essential that you do a minimum cleaning for your house, you might order furniture by booking a sofa cleaning company in Abu Dhabi to come over and clean your furniture and curtains, you might also do spring cleaning your self.✨

But here is the thing, the normal cleaning mops will indeed clean your apartment & disinfect the surfaces it touches, but there are some nooks and corners that you won't be able to reach.🤔

Pest control companies in Abu Dhabi also do an amazing job by getting rid of all pests and insects, but the idea is the same, the chemicals that the pest control crew in their spray solutions and gel don't include the needed chemicals to eliminate certain germs and bacteria.


Sterilization.🚿 Just like how you sanitize your hands to keep them hygienic and germs free, your house deserves that too!

There are a couple of top disinfecting and sterilizing companies in Abu Dhabi that will help you sanitize your entire house in a minimum of 2 hours.

Yes, your entire house!

Furniture Cleaning in Abu Dhabi


99.999% Elimination of viruses (e.g. flu and virus outbreaks), bacteria and germs!💃🏽🎆

The chemicals used are the perfect combination of disinfection and sterilization. The chemicals used are of-course non-toxic. It is safe for both humans and pets.

How is it done?

Simple, upon arrival, the crew will first inspect the rooms and cover certain areas they don’t want the spray to reach. Such as your kitchen supplies, food (if not covered), and your kids' toys. They might move some furniture around to reach sneaky corners.

The spray will be applied everywhere, on your furniture, closets, curtains, bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it.

Once done, everything must remain untouched for at least an hour, so the crew might ask you to have coffee outside till they finish up. The surfaces need time to absorb the chemicals.

To book the service, simply visit: or give us a call, our numbers are on the top & bottom of this page.

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