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How to Market your Rental Properties Online in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 08-04-2018
How to Market your Rental Properties Online in Abu Dhabi

A vacant property can hinder its owner’s sleep for all the days it sits empty. After all, the owner not only loses out on the income but also needs to spend extra resources, money as well as time, on property advertising. That’s why it is very important to acquire the right tenants in a minimal time-span and nothing can help you better than marketing your rental properties in Abu Dhabi online.

In this article, we are going to discuss the tips and tricks of online property marketing so that you can fill up your properties for rent in Abu Dhabi faster.

Keep your target audience in mind

Your marketing efforts will go in vain if you don’t zero-in on your ideal tenants. For example, if your property is located near universities, it can appeal more to students and faculties while a property near commercial hubs can be perfect for working professionals. That’s why before strategizing the online marketing efforts, you must analyse whether it will be suitable for a bachelor, a student or a family. Once you do that, you can spend your resources in the right direction.

List at the right place

Once you have identified your target tenants, it becomes easier to shortlist the right online platforms they are most likely to use. There are many topmost property websites that list rental properties in UAE for free; all you have to do is create an account on all these major websites and fill in the details. To gain more visibility and to stay on top of the searches, you can also place paid advertisements on them by paying a monthly fee.

Utilize social media reach

The world has come closer with social networks and you can take advantage of this by posting your rental property details on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your post can be seen by your friends who can further share it on their feed to help you reach a bigger audience. You can also find the relevant local property groups on these networking sites and share your post there as well. Apart from such free posts, these social networking platforms also allow you to place paid ads.

Post quality photos and video tour

While looking for rental properties in Abu Dhabi online, tenants tend to respond more to properties listed with good quality photos and videos. That’s because they act as a walk through for potential tenants giving them a feel of your property and what it would be like living there. Other than the normal still pictures, you can record a video tour or take 360-degree photographs of your property to showcase its positive aspects. It won’t cost you any extra penny as all you will need is a camera phone to get started. Upload these pictures and virtual tours on your social channels as well to add more weight to your rental posts.

Use captive title and descriptions

Your property listings on websites and social channels should be written in a pleasant and positive tone that attracts potential tenants at the first glance. Wondering how to do that? Just write the description of your property’s size, locality and amenities in a short yet precise manner. It’s all about highlighting the positives, for example, if your property in Abu Dhabi has a swimming pool or a great outside view, mention it in the listing.

Highlight the nearby facilities

While shortlisting rental properties, tenants give greater importance to the locality. Whether the property is feasibly located to local amenities like supermarkets, public transportation channels, schools and hospitals. Therefore while posting your property listing online, you must include such available facilities in your area to attract more leads.

Now that you know the basic tactics to market your rental property online, get started to yield the benefits.

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