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How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Fast?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 29-08-2018
How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Fast?

Working out hard at the gym or following a harsh diet doesn't always get you the required results. you may have stubborn fats or you just can't seem to get the body shape you always desired, because too many factors are in play with traditional weight loss and muscle building methods. EMS training solves this problem with a simple technique...It's basically your dream came true.

Losing Weight has never been easy, that's why most people turn to harsh diets and strict fitness programs in dubai in order to reach their body goals. If you want to lose weight that shouldn't be your case anymore.. With EMS training now you can lose fats and gain muscle simultaneously in just 20 minutes!

What is Electrical Stimulation Training (EMS) and how does it work?

EMS training gives the same effect of working out but much easier and simpler. It is performed through small electrodes that are placed against your clothes or skin, these electrodes send small electrical impulses to your muscles (Pretending you're working out with effort), this mimics the actions of the central nervous system, which miraculously activates the muscles and contracts them in the same way as if you're Working out, but using external impulses!

EMS training fools your muscles into thinking that much work has been done when in reality you just followed some simple conventional training routine!

Is EMS Training Effective?

YES, it Does work. Why? for the simple reason that it's just tricking your body into fitness in the smartest way possible. Forget about the weight loss hacks or muscle building hacks that get thrown everywhere on the internet. this is the scientific hack that will solve your weight problems. The whole idea of EMS training is cutting down the time you spend on your workouts. a 20 minute EMS workout is more effective than a one-hour gym session.

Where can I find Electrical stimulation training(EMS) in UAE ?

What you expect in EMS Training

  • Customized Weight Loss plans
  • Boxing Classes
  • Stretching - physiotherapy
  • Boot camp & swimming lessons
  • EMS full body workout
  • Fitness Classes(Zumba classes in Dubai, Boxing classes, Swimming classes and more).
  • Gym training & Workout routines
  • Personal Training & Home training in Abu Dhabi
  • Nutrition plans

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