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How to get the best commercial agent for your business in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 23-06-2017
How to get the best commercial agent for your business in Abu Dhabi

According the business laws in UAE, a foreign business company that does not intend to have direct presence in UAE or Abu Dhabi or acquire a business license to that effect can practice business activities in the Emirates through a commercial agent service. The commercial agency can help the client firm to sell its services and products in UAE. The commercial agents can either be UAE companies or UAE nationals. They have got the legal authority to sell as well as distribute products or services offered by the foreign company exclusively within specific designated areas according to the tenets described in a mutual agreement.

The commercial agent representing a foreign company in UAE soil can carry out all kinds of business activities and actions like the parent body itself. By having a commercial agency work for them, a business owner can waive off the need of having a local office in UAE as the agency carries out the purpose of the same. This makes it a lot easier for an international business firm to carry out its operations in UAE and Abu Dhabi. The company is not required to go through the process of departmental registration and there is no need of maintaining an office either. This automatically reduces the costs associated with opening an independent business entity in UAE. If a client intends to carry out any task or associated project in Abu Dhabi, it can do the same through the commercial agent by signing an annually renewable representation agreement and paying a service fee for the same. The service fee for such an agreement is independent of the financial value of the project or the profits that are achieved from such activities.

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The commercial agency that you opt for is going to apply for legal paperwork by providing you all the required document clearance service in UAE from the relevant authorities and obtain the same under their sole responsibility. These include all the legally required licenses and registration paperwork necessary for enter the Representation Agreement. It also allows the company to issue CICPA passes and mission visas for the employees working for the company. These documents can make it easier for the employees to work on any projects that the company may work on in Abu Dhabi.

Here are some things to look for in a commercial agent:

  • A commercial agent must be based in United Arab Emirates in order to work as an agent for some foreign company.
  • The commercial agent must be officially registered with Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy for engaging in different kind of commercial activities. They should also have a valid trade license.

Things to remember while hiring a business agency:

  • A commercial agent is entitled to some specific territory in order to encompass at least a single emirate for the specified products.
  • The commercial agent can get commissions for sale of the products within their designated area.
  • A commercial agent can get compensation from a foreign company in case the agreement is not terminated without any due reason or not yet renewed. This is a stipulate that has been placed by Commercial Agency Law of UAE.

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