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How Important Is It To Be Trilingual To Find a Well Paid Job In UAE

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 14-06-2017
How Important Is It To Be Trilingual To Find a Well Paid Job In UAE

UAE is one of the most developed countries in the world that offer excellent opportunities to people from all over the globe to come here and find work. Consequently, UAE sees a regular influx of people coming to work here in different industries. Since UAE enjoys steady economic expansion, eager professionals can expect to find work with reputed organizations and brands of their choice when they come here in this part of the world. However, like with the job sector in any other part of the world, the job market in UAE is also characterized by stiff competition as a large number of people apply for the available jobs on a regular basis. In such a scenario, it is necessary for the candidates to have qualities or attributes that separate them from the rest and provide them with an edge over others.

Among the qualities that can enhance the prospects of a job seeking individual in UAE is their skills as a trilingual professional. A trilingual person is someone who can read, write and verbally communicate with others in three languages. Most people living in UAE are well versed in English and Arabic as they use these languages in their day to day lives as well as in their workplaces. However, knowing a third language always helps. For example, learning French in UAE as a third language can really enhance your value as an employee in any given field or industry. The reason for this being that UAE has a long line of expats and people coming from all over the world at all times and therefore it always helps to have trilingual professionals who can communicate with a large number of people from different nations.

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A person who can speak in a third language other than English and Arabic can easily serve as a bridge between linguistically different communities living in UAE. They can help people who are not adept at English or Arabic to express their own thoughts and concerns and get better services in the process. It is due to this reason that trilingual professionals are in high demand across various industries and fields in UAE. A person who is well versed in three different languages can naturally demand a higher payment figure for his or her expertise and be respected for the support that he/she can provide. They can also help to bridge the cultural differences that exist between people of different nations and make it easier for people to create a strong bond between men and women of different nations.

There are currently numerous language coaching centres in UAE that offer comprehensive training and guidance to professionals from different industries who want to brush up their skills in multiple languages. From teaching people the basic elements of communication to helping students develop in-depth knowledge on grammar and sentence formation, the language coaching centres offer students with the scope to develop their skills for a third language other than English and Arabic and enhance their chances of getting well paid jobs in different parts of UAE.

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