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How Does Dry Cleaning Work in Abu Dhabi?

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 29-03-2020
How Does Dry Cleaning Work in Abu Dhabi?

Not all clothes can be put in the washing machine. Kandora, Abaya and suits are some of the items that shouldn’t be washed in regular machines as they have special fabrics that might get ruined when tossed in regular machines.

Ever wondered how dry cleaning actually works? 🤔

Well, laundry shops in Abu Dhabi uses special tech-machines that resemble the machines you might have at home, but the difference is, instead of adding water, it is replaced with a chemical solvent (perchloroethylene) to remove stubborn stains & grease from all types of fabric.

Fun Fact: There is nothing “Dry” about Dry Cleaning, the clothes actually get wet but with a solvent, not water. Hence the word “dry”😮 

Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Some might think, “Chemical solvent?! Wouldn’t this ruin our clothes?!”😱

Not really, these solvents are organic, they are 100% safe on clothes👍. In fact, certain fabrics such as silk might shrink when washed with water, the clothes might also lose their color. Dry cleaning preserves all kinds of delicate fabrics, protect the colors of the clothes, and gets rid of all the stubborn stains.

Here is the process:

Step #1: Clothes are put into the machine, solvent + special soap + mechanic action are then put in action to clean the clothes.

Step #2: The same machine is used to rinse off and remove the extra solvents.

Step #3: Clothes gets dried

Step #4: Pressing, which Is steaming the garment & ironing it to get rid of the wrinkles.

Almost all steps require inspection by the dry cleaners to make sure the clothes are doing well along the process

Dry Cleaning Near Me Abu Dhabi

What is great about the Dry Cleaning shops in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is that they provide more than just cleaning the clothes. They also provide extra services to make sure they customers are always look fresh. Some of the services include free pick-up & delivery, dry cleaning, sanitization, pressing, ironing, folding and hanging the clothes, and finally delivering back the clothes too your doorsteps within the same day! Check out for a seamless laundry service experience with free pickup & delivery anywhere in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

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