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Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in UAE

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 07-01-2018
Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in UAE

SEO Company in Abu Dhabi - UAE

Show On Top of Google Search Pages with SEO

Search Engine Optimization - SEO is now a critical digital marketing strategy for all companies and businesses working in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of UAE to find new customers and generate business leads online. But the first question to answer for UAE based Companies is:

What is SEO?

Simply put SEO - Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website Onsite & Offsite so you show on top of Google search result pages as illustrated in the image below. This is called Organic Search.

Any company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the rest of the UAE that wants to rank on Google that way needs to engage in two distinct SEO activities:

  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO

Best Practices for Onsite SEO for Companies & Businesses Operating in UAE including Abu Dhabi & Dubai:

Onsite SEO optimization is a process of modifications and updates you do to your website structure and content to rank higher when UAE residents search on SEO Onsite Optimization is divided to two part:

  • Technology Improvement
  • Content Optimization

There are more than 150 signals that Google search engine use to rank a site or a page. Google Search Engine Algorithm is kept a top secret by Google, so SEO specialists in UAE and worldwide have to rely on experiments to guess those signals so they can help their customers in UAE rank.

For example, some of the signals that would help companies in UAE and Dubai Rank on Google, which falls under technology improvement are:

  1. Speed of Website
  2. Website Security
  3. Is the website responsive & Mobile ready?
  4. Structure of website and accessibility
  5. The right usage of HTML tags
  6. Sitemap presence, etc.

Companies & Businesses in UAE subcontracting web development or website design to a website design company in UAE should pay close attention to Onsite SEO Optimization. Otherwise that company or agency will be building for them a website in the middle of the desert, that is hard to find or drive online business from.

Content Optimization is the process of writing and publishing the right content to your website with relevant keywords and keywords density. Again a lot of businesses and companies in UAE ignore this important factor when building a website. Hence their website doesn't show on when UAE residents search for those products and services.

Two important factors UAE Companies have to consider when writing content:

  1. Keyword Density
  2. For Keyword density, the content developed should be relevant and contains between 2% and 5% of the relevant keywords.

  3. Regional targeting by city or region depending on the type of service.
  4. For Regional targeting, for example if your business is targeting customers and businesses in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Your keyword strategy should include those regions.

Best Practices for Offsite SEO Optimization for Companies & Businesses Operating in UAE including Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Offsite SEO optimization is a process building inbound links from highly respected external websites to your website. All those links should be naturally acquired so UAE Companies wouldn't get flagged as spammers by Google Ranking engine. Offsite link building could be one of the most intensive tasks.

It is not only about building your own links, it also involves the process of expanding awareness about your brand in UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai and reaching out to UAE businesses and companies with established websites to help link naturally to your business.

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