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Facebook & Instagram Advertisements in UAE

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 07-01-2018
Facebook & Instagram Advertisements in UAE

Facebook & Instagram Advertisements Campaign in UAE

Show your Products, Services, and Posts in Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram Storyboard

Facebook & Instagram Advertisement Process

We follow a simple 4 steps process to insure the highest level of exposure, likes, and followers on Facebook and Instagram:


  1. Social Media Strategy Workshop
  2. The first step is conducting a Social Media Strategy workshop to build objectives, revenue potential, Facebook Ad cost structure, ROI, and Keywords selection. The workshop normally last for 2 hours.

  3. Social Media Account Development
  4. Second step is to build optimized social media accounts and start posting interesting content that will drive likes and followers. We always link each post your Storat store page or website.

  5. Facebook & Instagram Paid Ad Posts
  6. Then we start promoting posts as sponsored ads. Storat Certified Specialists will insure maximum exposure at the most effective cost.

  7. Monitoring, Measuring Results & Adjustments
  8. The 4th Step in the process is the continuous monitoring of the social media campaign results, number of views, and clicks, bid adjustment, and modification to the content to insure higher exposure.

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