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Email Marketing Campaign UAE

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 09-01-2018
Email Marketing Campaign UAE

Email Marketing Campaign in UAE

Keep your customers engaged by sending email marketing campaign newsletters


Effective Email Marketing Campaign

We follow a simple 6 steps process to insure the highest level of deliverability and email user engagement


      1. Gather Email subscribers through Website and Social Media accounts

      The first step in the process is to gather email newsletter subscribers. We use offline and online channels to build your email list.

      2. Email List Verification

      Second we verify the emails to insure the lowest bonus rate possible. Also to insure that your email domain will not be blacklisted by major email providers.

      3. Domain and Email Marketing Setup

      Then we buy and setup a separate domain for bulk Email Marketing. Following Gmail and Hotmail recommendation to separate transactional email from bulk marketing emails.

      4. Develop the Email Campaign

      The fourth step is to develop the email with interesting content, graphics, and related products and services. This will be done by our team of Marketing Specialists, Graphic Designers, and Developers.

      5. Send

      Then we send the campaign using Google Compliant Bulk Email format and a throttled send rate to insure more than 99% deliverability

      6. Monitoring, Measuring Results, and Adjustment

      The final Step is the continuous monitoring open rate, click rate, and conversion rate. Then applying adjustment to the next campaign.

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