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Dr. Nidal's Visit to Milano, Italy at IBSA's Global Anti-Aging Strategy

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 24-03-2018
Dr. Nidal's Visit to Milano, Italy at IBSA's Global Anti-Aging Strategy

Dr. Nidal Fuad Dabbour celebrity Dermatologist at a popular dermatology center in Abu Dhabi- Al Qadi Medical Center was an attendee at the Global Event, IBSA Masterclass for Aliaxin® and Profhilo®. Dr. Nidal was one of the invited practitioners to be a part of this learning event to the picturesque Italian town of Pavia for two days of learning on February 16-17.

About the Event

Dr. Nidal

IBSA's Masterclass is a knowledge transfer event conducted to exchange important updates and discoveries about Dermatology for two days.

The event began with an introductory discussion about IBSA and its product portfolio. This was followed by a combination of protocols of Aliaxin dermal filler and Profhilo HA hybrid for skin remodeling.

IBSA's R&D department conducted a further discussion to explain the key features of both products and the science behind their mechanisms of action.

The theory presentations at the event were complemented with numerous live demonstrations to engage the practitioners.

Other theory presentations included advice on face reframing and periorbital rejuvenation. There were demonstrations related to injection techniques for hands and neck rejuvenation.

Dr Nidal Dermatologist Abu Dhabi

Effective demonstrations on how to treat malar and submalar areas with Profhilo was also presented at the masterclass.

On the second day, attendees heard talks about IBSA’s multi-level tissue regeneration concept and learned about recommended protocols and clinical studies for the products.

These talks were complemented with live demonstrations of the appropriate injection techniques.

About Dr. Nidal Dabbour

Dr. Nidal Dermatologist Abu Dhabi

Dr. Nidal Fuad Dabbour has been serving in the field of dermatology for 12 years in both public and private hospitals in Abu Dhabi and outside UAE.

He has the appropriate knowledge to handle all your dermatological problems! He obtained his Arab Board Certificate of Specialization in Dermatology & Venerology, from the prestigious The Arab Board of Medical Specializations in Damascus, Syria.

He is an active participant at different conferences conducted by some of the well-known health organizations here at AQMC and abroad despite his busy schedule. He believes that learning is a never-ending process.

He has great expertise and knowledge in many dermatology treatments. You can contact him for the following treatment:

  • Treatment of skin diseases such as acne, eczema, skin infections (fungal, bacterial, viral diseases)
  • PUVA/ Photochemotherapy
  • Dermato – Surgery
  • Dermato – Pathology
  • Freezing Therapy
  • Infertility Management
  • Cosmetic Dermatology (Dermal Filling, Botox Injection, Chemical Peeling & Dermabrasion)
  • Laser treatments (Hair removal, rejuvenation, tattoo removal, wide pores, pigmentations, vascular lesions such as spider nevi, telangiectasia)
  • Mesotherapy

His updated knowledge about various dermatology treatments and active participation in intellectual events sets him apart from other dermatologists. Visit him for the appropriate consultation and the desired cosmetic treatments at Al Qadi Medical Center.

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