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Dolphin Academy Swimming Lessons for Children in Abu Dhabi

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 24-07-2017
Dolphin Academy Swimming Lessons for Children in Abu Dhabi

Storat Swimming Programs in Abu Dhabi

Swimming is a SPORT. Not a GAME. Enroll your child with the 500+ swimmers competing nationally and internationally.

Dolphin Sports Academy offers intensive & catered swimming lessons & programs for kids trained with professional and award winning trainers. Check out our top 5 swimming classes available for kids in Abu Dhabi.

1. Professional Bi-weekly Swimming Lessons in Abu Dhabi

8 lessons/Month - Twice a week - 1hr per session

Professional Swimming classes for Kids in Abu Dhabi

Customized swimming lessons for children providing the needed attention to develop their physical and mental ability while being carried out in the most safest environment making it fun and easy for your child to learn quickly within a comfortable pace.

2. Swimming Classes for Babies, Toddlers & Kids in Dubai

Acceleration Swimming Classes In Abu Dhabi - Babies, Toddlers And Kids

Our Acceleration Swimming Program is catered for children of all ages help them overcome the fear of swimming by providing the right fundamental swimming skills.

Our 100% success rate in helping kids through our acceleration swimming program stands as testimony to our continued effort in providing world class swimming lessons all.

3. Professional Monthly Swimming classes for kids in Abu Dhabi

26 Swimming Sessions - 2 sessions/week - 1hr / session

Professional Monthly Swimming classes for kids in Abu Dhabi

With the professional monthly swimming program, your kids are trained over the various levels of swimming from basic skills like breathing, gliding, breaststroke and diving to various advanced swimming skills.

4. Intensive Monthly Swimming Lessons in Dubai

12 sessions/Month - 3 days a week - 1hr/session

Our monthly intensive swimming lessons coaches your kids for 3 months on basic, intermediate to advanced skills. Not only will this program improve your children's swimming skills, it will also teach them valuable skills that will help them in life.

5. 3 Months Intensive Program Of Professional Swimming Lessons In Abu Dhabi

40 lessons - 3 lessons a week - 1hr/lesson

Our 3 months intensive program will help in building your kid's confidence, health & wellness, mental ability, sense of responsibility, and team work. It will also teach them how to live a healthy life style.

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