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Dental Veneers Vs Teeth Whitening

By Storat Marketplace , posted on 06-07-2017
Dental Veneers Vs Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile lights up the room. Surely you have heard this statement not once but millions of times. No wonder, you want to have a perfect smile that is dazzling in effect too. Unfortunately, your teeth tend to look dull with time even if your dental care regimen happens to be perfect. Remember that no amount of brushing or flossing will actually give you back the lustre as well as the original hue. You may start feeling a little embarrassed when you notice your yellowish or dark teeth in the mirror. Stop being too ashamed to smile widely and say cheese as comfortably as you did in your childhood, thanks to Teeth whitening procedures and Dental Porcelain veneers available in Abu Dhabi

  • Go ahead and check out what dental veneers are first though. Well, not only is the process less scary but it can actually be a boon to you as opposed to teeth whitening agents that may prove to be too difficult to handle.

  • The veneers are created painstakingly for each and every patient keeping his / her teeth setting and color in mind. You have an added advantage of getting to choose the hue you fancy from a sparkling white set of teeth to an admirable set of pearlies that is sure to have a mesmerizing effect. This is a definite plus point over whitening where the only way to make your teeth white is by using bleach.

  • Again, the teeth whitening works best on yellowed teeth instead of the darker versions while the veneers can transform the color of every tooth to a sparkling white from dark brown to grey or yellow.
teeth whiting in abu dhabi

  • Sure, dental veneers are believed to be a type of cosmetic procedure yet they also help in protecting the surface the teeth. This helps in evading extensive dentistry or teeth correction measures too. Whitening, on the other hand, is a purely cosmetic process that is used to beautify the smile and nothing else.

  • Do not feel hesitant to eat and drink after undergoing a dental veneer procedure. They are quite resistant to external influence and the newly whitened teeth will not be stained at all even if you are intensely in love with your coffee and cannot pass an hour without it. Blueberries or any other kind of dark colored food will not mar your pretty teeth in the least either making this process a better option than the commonplace teeth whitening procedures.

  • Make sure to maintain the veneered teeth carefully though for it is destined to last for two whole decades and more when treated properly. Yes! That’s yet another thumbs up for veneers vis-à-vis whitening!

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